Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We take your business directly to the first page of Google!

Battle with Google ranking is proved to be not an easy one! Multiple researches demonstrate that web users stop and process information revealed to the first page results. That means even if you have a great website, it's not really worth much if no one can find it. Stop playing hide and seek with people searching for you online. Make SEO work for your business! SEO is a constantly evolving field and one of the most valuable online marketing tools related to page rankings and your business's online reputation. Due to our flexibility, Global Star's SEO Team adapts quickly to that changes. We boost your search optimization with content creation and intelligent keyword or phrases selection so as to highlight your brand on all the major Search Engine platforms, without violating any rules of search engine algorithms. You can have your first reliable ranking results after 4-6 months. SEO is an independent service which requires specific development process and continuous coaching in a monthly basis. Once you start your Organic SEO coaching, you need to maintain the service if you want to sustain your good page ranks. 

Our SEO strategy step- by- step:

  • Web page search engine optimization
  • Competition research and evaluation
  • Long tail keyword research
  • Web page analysis
  • HTML optimization
  • Content Evaluation
  • Content building – Seo copywriting
  • Page usability review
  • Meta- tags & Title tag
  • Inbound linking optimization
  • Site map HTML & XML building
  • Image optimization
  • Page loading speed optimization